FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


  • What’s the point? When I’m gone, I’m gone.

A.  That’s true, but our family and friends are left to manage your affairs and tie up loose ends. This is really about leaving a legacy of care and concern for those we’ve asked to take care of our affairs. The questions to ask are – who is that person or who are those people we trust will carry on our wishes? What will I do to get ready for them?

  • Why is it so important to get my personal or family affairs in order?

A. This is really about our trusted people, it’s not about us. This helps our family and friends better manage our affairs when the need arises.

Example: if you find yourself or a loved one placed in the hospital, your trusted person can make sure your bills are paid on time. They will have legal rights to access your accounts (Whomever you give permission to) such as email, Internet, personal computer and social media. They would know what utilities need to be paid and when. Or they would have the right to care for your children and anyone who is dependent upon you for their care.

Example: A loved one has been given some serious health news. Many people need to contacted, who are they and is the information readily and easily available? Having that information is comforting and helpful, because in crisis it is critical that information be easy to get and easy to follow.

  • I’m still young, why do I need to think about that now?

A.  Do you know anyone who died at a young age? Suddenly? These are some guiding questions to help you determine how important it is and if this is the right time consider setting up a trust fund.

*Do you have children?
*Do you have pets?
*Do you own a home?
*Do you have investments?
*Are you involved in work, volunteer and community efforts?
*If someone was needed to act on your behalf, they would need legal permission to do so. Gone are the decades of easy and open access to financial and legal information.

  • I know this seems illogical, but I feel that even thinking about it, much less doing it will hasten my death.

A.  None of us gets out of this world alive! You have a better chance of winning the lottery, than having this be a cause of a hastened death.

I‘d love to tell you that some people are exempt from dying, but that’s not the case. I used to think these things. Who knows, maybe I was destined to live to be 150 and I’m now down to 125. When your time comes it’s such a gift to your family and friends to have a script to follow ensuring your wishes and needs are honored. Guessing adds stress, instructions offer peace of mind.

  • It’s so morbid to think about this – I want to live life to the fullest! I have a right to that don’t I?

A.  Nothing seems to make people live more fully than acknowledging that live is tenuous.

We’re talking about several hours to get set up. You’ll be able to feel more relaxed and in tune with knowing that your family has a blueprint to follow if and when they need to manage your financial, family and health care affairs.

  • Is there a health concern that you have for any family member who is older or younger than you

A.  Being proactive in managing your affairs is a large concept to grasp – initially. You may be tight on time, energy and looking at the amount of the information available on the Internet and in print is staggering.

While there is a lot of information to choose from; it can take a significant amount of time to:  find it, categorize it and determine process and priority of what to capture and share. Working with Critical Next Step will help you create your customized action plan and therefore give you a Peace of Mind.

  • Isn’t this for the super-rich and famous? I don’t have a gazillion dollars and a huge staff.

A.  By working with me, together we will create a manageable plan that will help you get your affairs in order. Look at it from this viewpoint, less stuff will take less time to get your affairs in order, which leads to a wonderful Peace of Mind.

Act now so there are no regrets later. Take the next step with a complimentary consultation.