About Meg

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Owner and Founder of Critical Next Step

Main Purpose: Getting your Personal Affairs organized and up-to-date

Hi, my name is Meg Miller and I’m a Life Transitions Consultant. That means I’m ready to help you get your personal and family affairs in order for every critical stage of your life. Helping you for whatever stage of life you want to focus on is my passion. I will work with you as an individual, couple and with your family to determine what needs to be accomplished prior to the ultimate journey – whatever that may be.

We will meet at your home or my office to create a customized Action Plan that addresses your specific concerns and needs. My background includes a variety of experiences from working with the young to the wise. My employment and life experiences have offered me the opportunity to teach, train and consult. I’ve partnered with seniors in planning their next move to an assisted living facility or downsizing their belongings. I’ve also been blessed to assist those who got their affairs together before they died.

I continue to partner, collaborate and consult with estate attorneys, financial planners, healthcare professionals, accountants, moving companies and professional organizers. I can offer referrals if and when needed.

My background includes an eclectic mix of professional positions.  Early roles found me as a nursing assistant in a skilled nursing facility to chauffeur to creating a database for a funeral livery service for a five-state area. I’ve created personalized plans that include contact information, critical information processes, healthcare needs, hospice, living transitions, moves and final arrangements.

My strengths are about Resourcefulness, Education, Connection and Productivity. I am an author, public speaker, trainer and project manager.

  • As a Resource: I pull from the massive amount of information available and scale to what you truly need and can use
  • As an Educator: I show you ways to navigate ways to obtain your goals
  • As a Connector: I want to match you with the right people, information and action plan.
  • As a Productivity Expert: Time and effort are finite entities. I will help you make the best of both.

Whether you are planning for yourself, your children, parents or your business; getting your affairs in order is the ultimate gift to those who will eventually manage your affairs by offering you both PEACE OF MIND.