As a lawyer, Critical Next Step goes beyond what a lawyer can do for you in planning for you or a loved one’s personal matters.  Meg is a wealth of information and is well versed in addressing the minutia that one would overlook in preparing the closure of your personal affairs.

Critical Next Step is a service that provides you a piece of mind when your time has come. It will also ease the grieving process for those who will have to bring your estate to a conclusion.   From personal experience, this service is a perfect gift you can give to the one’s left behind; allowing them to grieve and celebrate your life without burdening them with worry about closing your affairs.

Take that Critical Next Step, it is worthwhile!

JM, US Attorney

Two key things that I needed help with make it easy for those who are getting my personal affairs in order. It puts my mind at ease knowing that my family and friends will have a blueprint to follow. They will rejoice in the life that I have. I don’t’ have to guess what my next steps are because they are in place.

I found helpful that I knew what I had to have in order to ease any suffering due to negligence of having my paperwork and accounts in order. I have young adult daughters and not having my things in order would cause them undue stress.

When I leave this world, my bills will be in order and they will be able to pick up where I left off.

Getting the phone list in order was Key.

The big thing is having a smooth transition. Why burden your family more by not having your paperwork in order? It was a relief to have mine in order: Divorce papers, birth certificate and military papers.

Bart, High School Assistant Principal

Our meetings with Meg brought us immediate relief. We have four adult sons and wanted to make sure that they know what to do and how to do it if and when the time comes. We travel a lot, now that we are retired and continue to live life to the fullest. We want everything spelled out for them so we get the care we want and know they can provide.

Meg’s warmth and her super listening skills helped us focus on step of the way. It was too easy to get side-tracked and put this off for another day. Her gentle and yet firm approach helped us get the ball rolling. Now we have all of our documents in one central area and our sons know where they are at. We have a bit more refinement to do, and that will continue along the way.

Now when we go dancing, our steps are a little lighter and higher because of Critical Next Step.

Pat and Eric Jaakkola, Retired couple

Despite having a long running unsettled feeling about not having “our affairs in order”, it wasn’t until I made time to work with Ms. Miller, that I could check that “to do” item off my list. Meg provided us a comprehensive guide to organizing our personal data. She offered thoughtful recommendations on what to include in a packet of information for my husband and me and our children and family, in the event of our hospitalization or deaths. Her suggestions were “spot on” and often issues I might have overlooked. Finally, our documents are all in one place, decisions have been made about our financial plan, health care directives, our trust and legal documents and letters to our children and family have been written and filed.

I am calm now, knowing that my husband, my son and our family will have as much order and support as I can provide them when something changes for me…now or on my 125th birthday. Without Meg’s extensive experience, direction and encouragement, our lack of a plan and preparation would have created havoc for them, painfully, at a time when they will be dealing with loss and grief.

Critical Next Step is a gift we gave ourselves and a gift we gave to everyone we love.

Cindy Rossow, Wife and Mother

Meg helped us see where we were not prepared, guided us to get started on planning for our will and trust, and trust that she can guide us where we need to be.  She is highly ethical; detail oriented, organized, and has real-world experience dealing with this type of planning.  We easily recommend Meg.


Greg and Chris, Parents 

After my first phone consultation with Meg I started gathering our important documents and entering them into the spreadsheet she provided. Having her check in on me really helped me stick with it and hold myself accountable. Good thing too because just days after I’d finished a wildfire broke out near our home. While we waited to find out whether we would have to evacuate I ran through all the things I’d have to gather to take with us to safety. It was such a relief to already have our most critical documents in one easy to grab bin!

Thank you Meg!

Lorna, TX

Act now so there are no regrets later. Take the next step with a complimentary consultation.